The Wahl Professional Detailer comes with extra wide T-blade having attachments of 4.5mm, 3mm and 1.5mm. This product has been expertly manufactured in USA. It has close cutting T-blades for accurate and precision work. It is light in weight and therefore is convenient to use.

The Professional detailer has a rotary motor that provides a powerful trimming action. The vibration of the instrument when in use is low. Thus, there is no danger of the vibrations affecting the body. This small but reliable detailer will deliver the results you require. It is an excellent detailer with an awe-inspiring finish.

The instrument is so accurate that well-experienced barbers who are practicing for the last 38 years are using it. This means it is an essential part of their everyday kit. The model of the detailer is UK plug and it works on 220v alternating current.