Used by professionals, the TRESemme Volume And Lift Firm Hold Hairspray 500 Ml pack is recommended for achieving the “salon finish” hair treatment at home itself. The ultrafine hairspray dries almost immediately and brushes out without any discomfort.

The spray provides a firm and lasting hold with its unique blend of copolymers, which help the hair absorb more moisture and make your salon cut last longer. It also makes the hair resilient towards the damages caused by environmental agents (including UV rays) and thermal treatments. PEG softens, smoothens and lubricates the hair and makes them look young and beautiful.

Dimethicone removes the hair frizz and makes them easily brushable and manageable. Extracts including Limonene impart a fresh and revitalizing aroma to the composition and help you stay refreshed every time of the day. You can also achieve that extra root boost by spraying the hairspray directly towards the hair roots.