The professionally used TRESemme Thermal Shampoo Recovery 500ml pack applications induce hair health recovery. The replenishing complex overcomes the damaged and dry hair and brings to them youthful exuberance, shine and smoothness.

The Aloe Vera contents bring to the scalp the proteolytic enzymes that repair the follicles and cells and help them grow voluminous and healthy hair. The extracts of the plant remove scalp itching and dandruff as well.

Vitamins including Niacinamide, Biotin, Panthenol and Ascorbic Acid mend split ends, remove flyaways and brittleness, add moisture to hair and induce the growth of healthy hair, whilst also adding elasticity and bounce to them. Keratin 9the structural protein found in hair) eliminates frizz and also makes hair strong to resist the harmful environmental agents such as UV rays.

Almond oil has Vitamin E and other minerals (including Magnesium) and antioxidants that improve hair texture and make them shine with youthful exuberance again. The novel fragrance of the shampoo further increases its charm and usefulness.