The professionally recommend TRESemme Moisture Rich Travel Conditioner Luxurious Moisture 100ml pack overcomes hair dryness and other kinds of damages associated with hair health and has a rich and natural fragrance.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that prevents hair weakening by removing the free radicals and overcomes hair brittleness and premature fall. The vitamin also accelerates the growth of healthy hair by enhancing oxygen supply to the hair follicles.

Dimethicone adds shine and smoothness to hair naturally. Panthenol improves the hair elasticity, retains more moisture and makes hair voluminous by adding more girth to the hair strands. Hydrolyzed keratin and wheat proteins add exceptional strength to hair, add thickness and help them display youthful exuberance. The substance also eliminates frizz and make hair easy to manage.

The sweet almond oil extracts have the necessary minerals and other substances that are essential for optimising hair growth rates and can also prevent hair loss. The hazel leaf extracts are rich in Vitamins (including Vit. B6, B9, B1 and E) to bring shine, strength and longevity to hair.