Recommended by experts, the TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Pre-Wash Conditioner contains Fleximax Volumizers that are part of the unique and effective Volume Restore/Reverse System of the pre-wash conditioner. It creates bouncy and silky smooth hair, initiates hair growth and prevents hair damage in order to provide you excellent hair health and beautiful looks.

The conditioner contains the naturally derived Cetearyl Alcohol that can make hair feel smooth and shiny by reconfiguring the cuticle shape and alienation so that it falls flat towards hair surface. Dimethicone removes the annoying frizz, adds some extra luster and also protects hair from thermal treatments. Lactic acid makes hair elastic, strong and easy to manage. PEG and other ingredients deep cleanse the hair and scalp and remove the dirt, pathogens, residue and other harmful substances whilst also averting the growth of dandruff.

The fragrant conditioner has an invigorating aroma and is a single solution to multiple hair problems. It makes you look beautiful and improves the magnificence and shimmering of hair from the very first usage instance itself, giving noticeable results.