Nowadays, it is not enough to apply just the primary fairness cream. With high amounts of pollution, harmful rays from the sun and exposure to high temperatures, it is being observed that fairness creams fair to deliver.
This is why the new Technic Foundation Light is such an important part of the dressing table. With the fairness creams failing to deliver like they used to due to various problems, it is time for Technic Foundation Light to come in and maintain the beauty standards.

Technic Foundation Light is not prone to high temperatures unlike most daily fairness creams. It is quite effective in combating sweat, which more often than not ruins the look by making the face drenched.

The Technic Foundation Light also does not impart a very contrasting shade to the face. It gives a natural bright colour which looks perfect. The Technic Foundation Light also protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun which can give spots on the skin.