Due to our work pressure many of us have to stay awake at late at night. This causes puffiness, dark circles etc. St Botanica under Eye Gel if applied around the eyes rejuvenates the affected areas and makes the eyes look bright and healthy.

It is noticed that the effort a man or a woman puts in taking care of their eyes, they do not devote that same amount of attention for the eyes. Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body and it evidently needs a lot of concern. St Botanica under Eye Gel besides reducing the puffiness and dark circles prevents the eyes from getting dry. It also plumps up a drooping eye. Thus giving the eye a youthful and bright look. It even moisturizes the area around the eye.

Eyes are the beholder of beauty. So to have a healthy looking radiant eye be the first one to grab St Botanica under Eye Gel.