Maybelline skin care products are exclusively build up with a bold and defining formula that contains enriched aloe Vera, cucumber, and glycerine. Maybelline cool effects are a good substitute to other allergic creams and medicines. It also helps in minimizing puffiness and tightens the skin.

The formula packs a potent that has retinol and ferulic acid that helps retexturize the skin around your eye area brightens the dark circles and minimizes the fine lines, all happening without itching and irritation. It feels so cool when you put it on, and eventually, it moisturizes the area around your eye with the deep nourishment of black heads, dark circles, and wrinkles.

It is difficult to apply it initially but in a couple of weeks, you learn to put a perfect application. Since it comes in a liquid form keep it away from your eye lashes especially when you apply mascara and use it after a specific permit from concerned doctors.