Skin irritation, cuts and scrapes and redness of skin post shaving will be the thing of past when one can be soothed with a nice hydrating Man Arden After Shave Balm. If one is prone to cuts or the skin dries out after shaving, then the application of this product will moisturize the facial skin instantaneously and keep it smooth.

It is suitable for all kinds of skin and it relieves the redness and irritation of the skin by giving it a silky-smooth feeling. It’s magical ingredients hydrate the facial skin in mere seconds and makes the difference between a smooth, high-quality shave and one rife with red bumps and razor burns. The balm improves the facial skin hygiene by opening up the skin pores thus preventing acne and other facial skin issues.

The non-greasy formula ensures that it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy upon application. It is unpretentious, effective and affordable and it comes with a warm, pleasant fragrance which keeps one refreshed for a good number of hours thus keeping one confident the whole day.