Stress, diet related ignorance, overdoing of hair treatments and the environment-related conditions make you hair lusterless and weak day by day. The Alpecin Active Shampoo A2 has a patent technology towards skin activation, and the hair energizer is scientifically proven for improving the health and state of oily scalp.

The Alpecin Active Shampoo does not allow oil to spoil your hair by preventing its frequent secretion, and the softness and silkiness that your hairs possess from the first application itself are unmatchable. The unique combination is devoid of any adverse effect and can repair your hair and make them shining and “split-need” free in a rather short time frame.

The shampoo relieves your hair from weakening-related issues as well, as it can protect the root from all kinds of environment conditions and thermal and chemical treatments while adding strength to the hair with each application. You can now assume any hair style you wish without bothering of untoward issues and can easily get rid of the oily scalp issues that harm your hair everyday.